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Fence Contractors Explain How to Prepare for Winter December 7, 2017

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Fence Contractors Explain How to Prepare for Winter, Deep River, North Carolina

As winter approaches, it is important to consider how cold temperatures and inclement weather affects your property. Fence contractors recommend keeping up with regular maintenance, performing necessary repairs, and taking preventative measures to preserve the structure’s condition throughout the season. Whether you have a wood, vinyl, or aluminum chain-link fence, winter weather can affect the material. 

Fence Contractors Offer Winter Weather Tips

Wood Fences

Wood is sensitive to the elements. Humidity makes the material shrink and expand, which can cause fences to become warped and misshapen. Excess moisture also increases the likelihood of mold and mildew, which can destroy a fence and cause dangerous bacteria to be released into the air. Protect the material by having a fence contractor apply a waterproof sealant or coating to prevent water damage from rain, ice, and snow.

Vinyl Fences 

fence contractors Kernersville NCThe primary advantage of vinyl is that it is waterproof. However, that doesn’t make it infallible during the winter. Vinyl fences are still vulnerable to the weight of heavy snow and ice. Keep the fence from falling apart is by creating a “catch area” where the snow and ice can collect instead of building up on the railings. That way, the weight doesn’t bear down on the fence and cause structural damage.

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences are similar to vinyl ones, in that they are waterproof and easy to protect by creating a catch area. These models are vulnerable to becoming loose during the winter due to ground shifting. As soil contracts and expands due to the weather, the base of the fence can become loose. Snow can make the issue worse, as it softens and destabilizes the soil when it melts. Fence contractors recommend installing solid cement footings before winter starts, so the structure does not move when the ground freezes and thaws.


If you need assistance preparing your property for winter weather, trust the professional fence contractors at Holman Fence LLC in Kernersville, NC. They know that these not only increase the aesthetic appeal and value of your home, but also provide critical protection to keep your family safe. Visit them online or call (336) 650-9613 for more information about their maintenance and repair services to make sure your fence is ready for the season.

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