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Does Diesel Fuel Go Bad? Honolulu Fuel Supplier Explains December 7, 2017

Honolulu, Honolulu
Does Diesel Fuel Go Bad? Honolulu Fuel Supplier Explains, Honolulu, Hawaii

Diesel fuel is increasingly becoming a popular source because it is considered more efficient than gasoline. But any efficiencies gained are quickly lost once that fuel goes bad. The experts at Fuelman Inc. deliver diesel fuel to clients across Honolulu, HI, and they discuss how and why it can go bad.

What Does the Term "Going Bad” Mean?

Diesel FuelWhen diesel no longer performs the function it was intended for, it is considered “bad.” This means it doesn’t burn properly and may damage fuel injection systems or fail to provide enough fuel to start an engine. Also, bad diesel significantly increases gas mileage, causes black exhaust smoke that is harmful to the environment, and leads to costly fuel system repairs.

Why Does Diesel Fuel Go Bad?

Without appropriate treatment, most diesel fuel lasts for a few months; however, with added stabilizers, it can last up to one year. Even with treatment, diesel undergoes a natural chemical breakdown process that shortens its life span. Several environmental factors accelerate this process. Water, when allowed to settle in the tank, creates an ideal environment for fungus and bacteria. Exposure to high temperatures provides excess energy, which speeds up the natural breakdown of diesel. 

How Can You Tell If Your Diesel Fuel Goes Bad?

Bad diesel usually is dark in color and filled with sludge. When burned, it produces a rotten or foul smell as well as black exhaust smoke. You will also see an increased need to replace fuel filters and injectors.

Diesel fuel, although an extremely efficient fuel source, can go bad. That’s why getting a fresh supply delivered to you on a regular basis is important. For the most trusted supplier in Honolulu, turn to Fuelman Inc. They’ll work with you to set up a bulk delivery schedule that fits within your budget. Call them at (808) 842-3835 to get started, and visit them online for more information.

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