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How to Check if Roof Repairs Are Necessary Following a Storm December 7, 2017

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How to Check if Roof Repairs Are Necessary Following a Storm, Kannapolis, North Carolina

Strong winds, hail, or even torrential rainfall can all create unwelcome damage to your roof. This is why it is so important for you to perform a thorough inspection once any storm has passed to determine if you require roof repairs or even a replacement. To help you ensure that no problems are left undiscovered, follow the damage spotting guide below.

How to Determine if You Need Roof Repairs

Inspect the Attic

Usually, some of the first signs of roof damage will be present in your attic. If wind has torn away shingles or other failures have allowed water to seep underneath them, there will often be signs of leaks or water damage in this area. You might have also noticed water stains starting to appear on the ceiling or walls within your home.

Perform a Ground Check

roof repairs kannapolis ncTo be safe, it is always recommended to inspect your roof for visible damage with both feet on the ground. You can use binoculars if you need help spotting signs, such as missing shingles or lost pieces of metal fascia. Look closely at the metal pieces around your chimney as they are very important for keeping out water. You should also walk the perimeter of your home and inspect any exhaust pipes or outer edges where the roof meets the walls.

Look for Fallen Trees & Hail Damage

Heavy winds can take down the sturdiest of trees, so if you see any tree limbs lying on your roof during your visual inspection, you will most likely need to call a roofer to repair any dents or cracks in your shingles. The same is true if you see dimples on parts of your roof after a hail storm; these can quickly lead to a complete roof failure if it’s not repaired.


After documenting these damage spots, you’ll need to contact your insurance agency and a qualified roofing contractor to correct the problems. For those in Kannapolis, NC, look no further than the certified and fully insured team at Seaford Roofing. They have been a leading roof repair company for the region since 1969. To schedule a free estimate, call them today at (704) 305-7776. You can also learn more about them by visiting their US Licensed Contractors profile.

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