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Understanding Fuel Pumps & Your Car’s Injection System December 6, 2017

Hilo, Hawaii
Understanding Fuel Pumps & Your Car’s Injection System, Hilo, Hawaii

When inserting the key into your car’s ignition, a lot of systems must work to make your vehicle start. One of the most vital parts is the injection system. Unless your vehicle is running on electricity, you need gas to get anywhere, and the fuel pump, injectors, sensors, and other essential parts are how it is sent from the tank to your engine. Below is a quick breakdown of these components and how they keep your car running when you press on the gas pedal.

Electronic Control Unit

Although older cars relied on a carburetor to designate how much fuel should be sent to into the cylinders, the electronic control unit (ECU) now performs this task. This computerized system relies on a series of sensors to control fuel-to-air ratio, idle speed, and ignition timing. In some instances, it is also responsible for valve timing.

Fuel Pump

fuel pumpAfter gas enters the tank, it is then sucked up by an electric fuel pump, which consists of a filter and a sending unit. While the sending unit reads and notifies your gas gauge of how much fuel is left in the tank, the pump sends the gas through the filter. From here, it will make its way to a pressure-filled rail that is connected to the fuel injectors.

Fuel Injectors

When the fuel reaches the injectors, these valves will remain closed until the ECU designates it is time to open them. Because of the pressure inside of the fuel pump, as the injectors open, they will spray a mist of gasoline. The longer the injectors remain open, the more fuel will be dispersed into the intake valve or directly into the cylinders.


Knowing how your automotive parts should work is the first step in fixing them. If you believe your fuel pump or other injection system parts are not working correctly, visit Automotive Supply Center in Hilo, HI, today. They have a huge inventory of components for both domestic and imported cars and trucks. For more information about their services or promotions, call them at (808) 935-3767 or visit their website.

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