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3 Important Garbage Disposal Facts You Need to Know December 6, 2017

Kaimuki, Honolulu
3 Important Garbage Disposal Facts You Need to Know, Honolulu, Hawaii

Garbage disposals have a place in many homes, offering a breezy kitchen clean up that leaves trash cans free of potentially smelly leftovers. Not all foods have a place in a disposal, though, and the usefulness of this amenity goes beyond acting as a secondary waste bin. So, here are three facts you might not know about your garbage disposal.

3 Interesting Facts About Garbage Disposals

1. They Reduce Plumbing Issues  

If you want to avoid a costly visit from the local plumber for clogged drains or even broken pipes, install a garbage disposal. Without these devices, food waste is washed down the sink and becomes lodged within the pipes, increasing the risk of damage. Garbage disposals eliminate this potential risk by pulverizing food waste into small, manageable particles that flow easily throughout the pipe system.

2. They Benefit the Environment

Clogged DrainsThe use of garbage disposals limits the amount of food waste entering landfills, which, in turn, reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released into the environment. Another benefit of garbage disposals is their ability to turn food waste into favorable outcomes like biogas, which has the capability of being harnessed to produce both electricity and heat. 

3. They Can’t Handle All Foods

A garbage disposal is not an organic trash bin. Pouring foods that are heavy in grease, fat, and oil down your drains increases the likelihood of clogs, as these liquids will eventually solidify. Other common foods that shouldn’t be sent down the disposal include eggs shells, coffee grounds and stringy vegetables like onions, lettuce and celery.

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