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3 Reasons Thai Dinners Are So Healthy December 7, 2017

Brighton, Monroe
3 Reasons Thai Dinners Are So Healthy, Brighton, New York

When preparing your dinner at home, it can be easy to make something healthy. Eating out, however, isn't always as simple. So, if you’re looking for a guilt-free meal, what should you choose? According to Mamasan's in Rochester, NY, a Thai dinner is one of the healthiest options available. 

Below, the staff at this Vietnamese restaurant explains some of the reasons to try a new cuisine for your next dinner out: 

  • dinnerHealth Benefits: Thai cuisine prioritizes the use of healthy ingredients that are good for you. For example, at a typical restaurant, vegetables will be cooked in butter and salt. This preparation method increases the calories and fats in a dish. On the other hand, at a Thai restaurant, the chefs will use a multitude of spices to add flavor. This could include ginger, garlic, or even chilies, all of which boast impressive health benefits. For example, garlic helps to lower cholesterol levels, and ginger is effective at decreasing joint pain and stiffness.  

  • Calories: Many Thai dinner dishes do an excellent job at providing a hearty meal without being too high in calories. For example, Som Tam, which is a green papaya salad, is only 97 calories per serving. Conversely, the average burger you might find at another restaurant is about 354 calories per serving.

  • Sugar: Finally, if you want to cut back on your sugar intake, visiting a Thai restaurant is the way to go. Drinks, in particular, are known for being loaded with refined sugars. Unlike the soda or juices your might find in elsewhere, Thai cuisine incorporates fresh, unsweetened tea as one of their staples. This allows you to sip on something delicious while also staying healthy. 

If you’re ready for dinner, visit Mamasan's for a delicious, healthy, and satisfying meal. Since 1984, they have been offering a broad range of tasty dishes, from egg rolls and noodles to salads and Vietnamese crepes. To speak with a member of their team, give them a call today at (585) 461-3290. To view their menu, visit their website.

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