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Why Neglecting Septic Tank Pumping Leads to a System Failure December 6, 2017

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Why Neglecting Septic Tank Pumping Leads to a System Failure, Kirbyville, Texas

Have you ever experienced septic system failure? It’s not a fun process to go through and can result in a costly repair bill. This is why the experts at Dan’s All American Plumbing in Kirbyville, TX, encourage their clients to learn about the most common reasons for septic system failure, such as a lack of septic tank pumping. Understanding the possible cause of this issue could go a long way toward preventing it from getting worse and could lead to a much more efficient repair.

Why Does a Lack of Septic Tank Pumping Result in a System Failure?

There’s a process that’s required for the septic system to function properly. The tank collects any wastewater that’s produced and filters out the major bits of debris. It then allows the liquid to flow on into the drain field while retaining a thicker solution in the bottom of the tank. This is what needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis as part of the maintenance requirements. If it’s not, that’s when septic system failure begins to become a reality.

septic tank pumpingSolids aren’t meant to collect for a long period of time within a septic tank. These containers are made to only hold a certain amount of waste and, once that limit has been reached, they’ll start to create a backflow that will suddenly cause the toilets to clog and the drains to smell. As if that isn’t enough, the entire system will show signs of slowing down and will eventually stop working altogether because it can’t handle the amount of waste that’s being pushed through.

What Are the Benefits of Timely Septic Tank Pumping?

One of the main benefits that comes from having your septic tank pumped regularly is that you won’t run the risk of a septic system failure. This will keep the tank clear of any clogs and will ensure that everything continues to run smoothly. It will also provide an opportunity for cursory inspections to be performed during the cleaning, so any potential issues can be taken care of in a timely manner.

If you find yourself in need of quality septic tank pumping services, connect with the experts from Dan’s All American Plumbing. They’re recognized as the leading plumbing contractor in the region and offer a plethora of services that will keep the system up and running. Call (409) 423-5773 to talk directly with a representative or visit their website for additional information.

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