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Why Is Your Toilet Flushing Slowly? Septic Tank Pumping Experts Explain December 7, 2017

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Why Is Your Toilet Flushing Slowly? Septic Tank Pumping Experts Explain, Coldwater, Mississippi

When your toilet functions properly, flushing it causes water to flow quickly into the bowl and continue down the waste line. As explained by the septic tank pumping experts at A-1 Septic Tank & Drain Service in Coldwater, MS, this movement creates the suction in the pipe — and that is the actual flush. However, when your toilet begins to flush slowly, you may have a problem.

Here, these experts highlight a few common reasons for a slow-flushing toilet you should be aware of.

Septic Tank Pumping Experts: Why Your Toilet Is Flushing Slowly

Flush Mechanism Problem

septic tank pumingOne of the most common reasons for this problem is an issue with the mechanism and valve. To check if this is the issue, open the tank and watch the flapper as you flush. If it doesn’t rise to a vertical position, it’s likely not letting in enough water for quick and efficient flushing.

Clogged Septic Pipes

A more serious problem that may cause slow flushing is a clogged septic pipe. When this happens, the water has a difficult time moving around the blockage. As a result, its movement slows down significantly and doesn’t allow the wastewater to move into the tank.

Full Tank

When your septic system is about to overflow, the toilet will flush more slowly. This is because there’s simply no space for the wastewater to fill. In fact, when your tank is full, flushing your toilet multiple times may result in a backup — a situation you want to avoid.

When your toilet begins flushing slowly, it’s important that the problem is fixed as quickly as possible. That’s why you should turn to the septic tank pumping experts at A-1 Septic Tank & Drain Service. With their innovative approach and use of cameras, they will help diagnose the problem quickly and remove any potential blockages. Give them a call today to schedule an appointment at (662) 895-8950, or visit them online for more information.

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