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4 Dental Care Mistakes You Might Be Making December 5, 2017

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4 Dental Care Mistakes You Might Be Making, Webster, New York

When you go to your dentist’s office for a teeth cleaning, it can be discouraging to hear you have cavities or other pressing issues. There are a variety of oral hygiene mistakes that could be the culprit. Located in Webster, NY, Katz Family Dentistry is known as a trusted dentist for the entire family. Below they share a few practices you should avoid to protect your smile. 

Beyond Teeth Cleaning: 4 Oral Hygiene Mistakes to Avoid 

1. Relying on Mouthwash

teeth cleaningUnfortunately, mouthwash disrupts the flora in your mouth and causes mouth dryness, which creates a haven for bacteria, bad breath, and cavities. Instead of mouthwash, try taking a dental probiotic that will improve your oral health.

2. Brushing Too Hard

When you brush your teeth too hard, it causes your gums to recede. This prevents your teeth from having the protection they need. It also leads to gum infections and wear on your tooth enamel, particularly if you’re not regularly replacing your toothbrush. It’s recommended to get a new toothbrush every month to prevent this.

3. Overlooking Pain

If you’re experiencing any type of mouth pain, it’s best to check with your dentist to find the cause. Your discomfort could be a sign of larger issues, such as an infection, which requires more extensive treatment. Also, pay attention to pain related to food sensitivities or toothaches. 

4. Brushing Right After Meals

While brushing after certain meals and snacks is beneficial, this prompt teeth cleaning could actually do more harm than good. For example, food products high in refined carbs instigate bacteria growth in minutes, so it’s advantageous to grab your toothbrush after consuming them immediately. For more acidic foods, you should wait at least 30 minutes after eating or drinking them to avoid enamel destruction.

Have you committed any of these dental care mistakes? Give Katz Family Dentistry a call at (585) 671-2340 to schedule a teeth cleaning that can get your smile back on track. Whether you need a root canal, teeth whitening, or a dental crown, Dr. Katz and his team are committed to making the dentist’s office a friendly and stress-free environment. Read their reviews online to learn more about why they’re the chosen family dentist in the Webster area.

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