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Interior Designers Explain All You Need to Know About Vinyl Tiles December 7, 2017

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Interior Designers Explain All You Need to Know About Vinyl Tiles, Holmen, Wisconsin

Vinyl tiles are a major hit in the interior design world. Homeowners and business owners prefer it because it is less expensive than alternatives like natural stone and hardwood, yet it is more durable and low-maintenance than materials like carpet. The team at Interior Designs in Holmen, WI, explains what vinyl flooring is and what options you have. 

What Are the Different Types? 

There are two types of vinyl tiles: inlaid and printed. With inlaid flooring, color granules are embedded into the sheet, which creates the appearance of depth. Printed vinyl features patterns or colors. Inlaid flooring may have more color options than printed, but printed is often less expensive and easier to install. 

vinyl tilesWithin the two categories are three subtypes, including sheets, planks, and tiles. Sheets are ideal for moist areas, like bathrooms, because they are virtually seamless and span six to 12 feet. The lack of seams makes them less susceptible to leaks. Planks are highly durable and dirt-resistant, making them the lowest-maintenance option. Planks typically resemble hardwood and are installed directly above the subfloor. Vinyl tiles often resemble marble or other classic materials.

What Are the Most Popular Styles? 

Wood, stone, and large-format tile are the three most popular vinyl flooring styles. Many home and business owners are replacing their laminate flooring with wood-look vinyl, which is a relatively new option. Previously, laminate was the only synthetic option that could mimic wood. Unlike real hardwood, wood-look vinyl is low-maintenance and water-proof.

Stone is another popular aesthetic. Several vinyl flooring options resemble natural stone such as granite, marble, and slate. Like wood-look, vinyl is a far less expensive alternative to the real thing and can look just as fantastic.

Large-format vinyl tiles can create a bold or sleek, minimalist appearance. Because the tiles are so large, there are fewer grout lines to clean, making floor care easier. 

Vinyl tiles are a budget-friendly, yet trendy floor choice for any home or business. If you’re interested in learning more, contact the specialists at Interior Designs. With over 34 years of interior design experience, they’re your go-to experts for everything from kitchen and bathroom ideas to floor and carpet design. Call (608) 526-3386 or visit the website to learn more.

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