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3 Places in Your Yard to Focus Your Backyard Mosquito Control December 7, 2017

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3 Places in Your Yard to Focus Your Backyard Mosquito Control, Bullard, Texas

Nothing ruins a relaxing night spent in the backyard like the incessant buzzing and biting of the local mosquito population. Backyard mosquito control is essential if you ever want to enjoy your outdoor area, and no one is better equipped to help than The Mosquito Store. Located in Tyler, TX, this exterminator focuses on the latest technology and techniques to kill these annoying pests. Their experts know all the tips and tricks for relinquishing your backyard from insects. The first step in the process is knowing where to look.

3 Places to Focus Your Backyard Mosquito Control

1. Bird Bath

backyard mosquito controlMosquitoes like to hang out and lay their eggs near stagnant water. The rainwater in your birdbath is their ideal habitat. Make sure birds are the only ones to take advantage of the service by changing the water on a weekly basis. Scrub the stone with a bristled brush while you’re at it to kill mosquito eggs and larvae.

2. Children’s Toys

The wagons, toy trucks, bicycles, and other items your kids leave strewn about the yard give mosquitoes sneaky places to hide. They’re attracted to even the smallest pools of water, and the dew and rainwater that collect on toys is enough to be enticing in the eyes of a mosquito. Use backyard mosquito control as another reason to tell your kids to pick up their toys.

3. Clogged Gutters

No one likes cleaning out the gutters, but letting them fill up with gunk does more than affect proper drainage. Water will get stuck in the gutters instead of exiting via the downspout. That accumulation of dirty water is the ideal breeding ground for a family of blood-sucking mosquitoes. Keep the gutters clean and functioning properly to make it harder for mosquitoes to take over your backyard.

Swatting away mosquitoes may seem like an unavoidable part of life outdoors, but it doesn’t have to be. They’re stubborn, hearty, and persistent insects, but the right defense system will help you take back your yard. Contact The Mosquito Store to get started on backyard mosquito control. Call them at (903) 747-2226, or visit their website for more information.

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