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What Are the Benefits of 3M™ Window Film? December 6, 2017

Old Forge, Lackawanna
What Are the Benefits of 3M™ Window Film?, Old Forge, Pennsylvania

If you’re looking to enhance the insulating properties of glass, 3M™ window film can help. This is a product that gets applied directly to the pane of your window. It produces an insulating effect that protects the interior from sun glare and helps the structure maintain a consistent temperature by preventing any amount of heat from escaping.

How Does 3M Window Film Work?

A surprisingly large portion of heating and cooling loss occurs around the windows. This is largely due to the fact that window panes aren’t thick enough and allow a lot of air to flow right out of the structure. But, instead of paying to have additional insulation installed within the walls and ceilings, many residential and commercial clients are turning to 3M window film.

window filmAs one of the leading solutions in the industry, this product works to create an impenetrable barrier between the outdoor air and the indoor temperature. It an ultra-thin material that covers the entire surface area of the glass and is invisible once it’s been fully installed. This then acts an insulant in that it keeps the indoor air right where it belongs and helps the HVAC system retain a comfortable temperature within the home.

What Are the Benefits of 3M Window Film?

In addition to preventing heat loss, there are a number of other benefits you will enjoy from having 3M window film installed. For example, the furniture and carpets won’t begin to fade as the sun shines through the windows, as this thin material minimizes the amount of harmful rays that gain access to the interior. It also works to improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Since the temperature is more stable with 3M film installed, these appliances won’t have to run as often to ensure a comfortable temperature is maintained.


If you’re interested in learning more about how your structure could benefit from having commercial and residential window film installed, connect with the experts at Sun Control Plus today. With more than 20 years of providing exceptional service to clients throughout Allentown and Lehigh County, PA, these professionals understand the need for insulation and will supply the solutions you seek. Call (570) 451-1655 to talk directly with a representative, or visit their website for additional information.

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