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3 Tips to Help You to Relax During Your Final Trimester December 6, 2017

Ellwanger-Barry, Rochester
3 Tips to Help You to Relax During Your Final Trimester , Rochester, New York

Pregnancy care is essential to making the third trimester as stress-free and comfortable as possible. To reduce the emotional and physical pressures of pregnancy, mothers must care for both themselves and their babies with healthy habits and calming prenatal care. Thrive throughout this exciting and physically demanding period by engaging in some relaxing routines.

3 Ways to Unwind During the Third Trimester 

1. Bubble Baths & Belly Massages

Due to the high amount of stress placed on the body during this stage of pregnancy, obstetricians advise expectant mothers to remain as relaxed as possible. Warm baths are among the easiest and most effective ways to calm the nerves, soothe tense muscles, and reduce back pain. Additionally, take pregnancy care to the next level with periodic massages. Just as baths can minimize mental and physical pressure, belly massages can relieve anxieties and reduce body aches. Following the direction of the intestines, rub an organic oil or cream in a clockwise fashion across the stomach.

2. Stress-Reducing Exercisespregnancy care

Engaging in gentle exercise is crucial to pregnancy care. For mothers in their final trimester, yoga can flex strained muscles and boost tranquility. Additionally, prenatal yoga promotes efficient breathing for both the mother and the baby, which will facilitate labor. Walking can also help mothers stretch and strengthen their leg muscles, enhance their energy, and foster full physical mobility. If you experience hip pains, then swimming can help alleviate pressure on the hip bones and joints.

3. Successful Sleep

While getting a full eight hours of sleep is important for everyone, it is especially critical for soon-to-be mothers. Due to the extended size of their bellies, pregnant women experience discomfort when sleeping on their back or stomach. As a result, many report that the quality and length of their sleep suffers. To help pregnant women get a restful night of slumber, sleep experts recommend lying on the left side to encourage blood flow to the uterus and kidneys and supporting the body with pillows.    


Help your newborn to enter the world as happy and healthy as possible by performing proper pregnancy care. When it comes to guiding mothers through the trials and triumphs of their third trimester, Genesee Valley Obstetrics & Gynecology, PC is dedicated to providing the medical assistance and advice women need for a successful birth. Located in Rochester, NY, this first-rate health care facility serves women of all ages by offering routine Pap smears, gentle gynecological care, and quality obstetric care services. Call (585) 232-3210 to schedule a consultation with a certified and compassionate gynecologist, and visit them online to learn about their OB-GYN services.

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