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Teeth Cleaning Tips: Understanding Gum & Teeth Sensitivity December 7, 2017

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Teeth Cleaning Tips: Understanding Gum & Teeth Sensitivity, Waterford, Connecticut

Oral health requires taking care of both your teeth and gums. If either one is sensitive, it can be very difficult to complete basic tasks like chewing. During your next teeth cleaning, ask your dentist to explain the causes and treatments for these conditions. They’ll help you better understand why your teeth or gums are sensitive, as well as what you can do about it.

Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth cleaningDo you feel sudden pangs of pain when flossing or brushing? Do your teeth feel sensitive when you consume food or beverages that are either particularly hot or particularly cold? You might also get this feeling when eating acidic foods.

If any of this sounds familiar, you may have worn down the enamel on your teeth. If you’ve been brushing them too hard or grinding your teeth, this is the likely cause of your pain. However, there are other potential causes, like loose tooth fillings, cavities, fractures, and even gum disease. See a dentist to make sure you know the cause.

Gum Sensitivity

If your gums are sensitive, you may have gingivitis. This is merely the first stage in the progression of gum disease. It can result in swollen, tender gums, as well as bad breath. When you have gingivitis, your gums may also bleed more easily during flossing, although this symptom isn’t universal.

Gum disease is usually caused by poor oral hygiene. Even if you’ve been brushing and flossing regularly, if you’ve been neglecting regular teeth cleanings, you can still develop this condition.

Fortunately, whether you have teeth sensitivity, gum sensitivity, or both, you can correct the issue by committing to regular dental appointments, brushing and flossing at least twice a day, and refraining from bad habits like tobacco use or the overconsumption of sweets. Over time, your oral tissues will start to heal, resulting in greater comfort overall.


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