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5 Types of Heat Pumps to Consider for Your Home December 7, 2017

Grand Rapids, Wood
5 Types of Heat Pumps to Consider for Your Home, Grand Rapids, Wisconsin

Heat pumps are devices that transfer hot or cold air into a particular space. They are essential to any functioning HVAC system that doesn’t rely on a furnace. However, there are several types of heat pumps for homeowners to consider, and making sense of all the options can be tricky. For that reason, having the help of a trusted heating contractor is paramount. The experts at Guelzow Heating & Air Conditioning Service in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, provide a list of the different types of heat pumps to consider for your home.

Heating Contractor Shares 5 Types of Heat Pumps for Your Home

1. Air Source Heat Pumps

This pump connects to the side of your home and draws in air from the outside. It then heats the air and uses compression and copper tubing to send the warmed air into your home.

2. Ground Source Heat Pumps

heat pumpsGround source heat pumps work similarly to air source heat pumps. However, instead of sourcing heat from the air outside, they use thermal power from the earth or groundwater. You’ll also need to install geothermal pumps in the ground around your home to operate a ground source pump.

3. Hybrid Heat Pumps

Hybrid heat pumps work alongside another energy source, like a gas boiler. They source energy from the ground or air and then connect to the secondary energy source to improve efficiency and keep your home’s heat steady throughout the day.

4. Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Mini-split pumps are smaller and intended for just one room or section of your home. They can be mounted onto a wall and don’t require ducts to deliver reliable heat.

5. Absorption Heat Pumps

These pumps rely on natural gas, geothermal, or solar energy rather than electricity to provide heat. They are also sometimes referred to as gas-fired heat pumps.

If you need a new heat pump for your home and aren’t sure what option is right for you, the trusted experts at Guelzow Heating & Air Conditioning Service can help. The company offers heating and AC repair, installation, and even emergency HVAC services. You can contact the company online or call (715) 423-1086 for more information.

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