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3 Tips for Hiring the Best Cleaning Services December 5, 2017

Middletown, Monmouth County
3 Tips for Hiring the Best Cleaning Services, Middletown, New Jersey

Professional cleaning services are an excellent way to keep your house looking great, get ready for company during the holidays, or clean up after a big get together or event. However, not all residential or commercial services are created equal and it can be challenging to find a quality provider. Below are several helpful tips for finding the top candidate. 

A Guide to Hiring a Quality Cleaning Service 

1. Check Customer Reviews

Cleaning services may have great websites or offer a long list of services, but customer reviews will give you the most comprehensive idea of what they are like as a cleaning company. Make sure to look for key indicators such as customer satisfaction, response to feedback, timeliness, and willing to hire again or recommend to a friend. This will help you determine if this is a cleaning company you want to work with.

2. Make Sure They’re Licensed & Insured 

cleaning servicesBeing licensed and insured shows that the cleaning services you choose are recognized by reputable sources and invest in their employees. It also alleviates any responsibility from you in case accidents occur on your property. Ask your cleaning company if they perform background checks on their employees, as well. That way, you can make sure workers who come into your house are trustworthy.

3. Discuss Clear Expectations

Cleaning services come with a variety of different options from frequency to areas of the home to services provided. It’s important that the company you choose is completely transparent with their pricing so that you don’t get stuck with hidden fees. Make a list of all your expected services and how often you would like them to be performed to determine a fixed rate.


If you’re looking for cleaning services that go above and beyond your expectations, contact Mumz Cleaning Service in Monmouth, NJ. They provide extensive offerings including light landscaping, pet services, errand running, and additional services for their customers that are completely customizable to your needs. Check out their full list of services online or call (732) 670-4922 for more information.

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