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Why a Pole Barn Is the Best Choice for Heavy Winds December 7, 2017

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Why a Pole Barn Is the Best Choice for Heavy Winds, Savannah, Tennessee

Heavy winds, particularly those associated with violent storms and tornadoes, leave plenty of destruction in their wake. If you have a barn on your property, consider a pole barn instead of a traditional model. Severe weather can strike at any time, but the right type of structure may stand up better in the face of those punishing winds.

Why a Pole Barn Is the Best Choice for Heavy Winds

1. Resiliency

Designed to withstand everything from torrential rains to gusty winds, pole barns are made with high-quality materials that won’t waver when exposed to inclement conditions. They also perform well when exposed to flames and are unlikely to collapse. This structural integrity is due to the heavy, load-bearing posts that extend from the rooftop to the ground. The roof can be further strengthened with trusses attached to the columns using steel brackets.

2. Spaciousness

pole barnWhen dealing with the possibility of a storm, it’s important to protect your possessions as best as possible. A pole barn provides you with a safe place to store valuables that might be at risk in another location. That’s because they’re flexibly designed, with ample interior space that can be compartmentalized with the addition of separating walls. Or, you can use that large, open space to store a number of items when bad weather is on the horizon.

3. Value

These metal structures are reliable investments. Pole barns are a covetable addition that instantly elevates your property’s functionality, particularly if you live in an area where heavy winds are prevalent. Why risk possible damage when you can provide yourself or prospective homeowners with some peace of mind?


A pole barn is a practical option that you can rely on to remain standing even in the face of the heaviest winds. H & H Metal Products in Savannah, TN, offers high-quality roofing materials to customers in the Tri-State area. If you’re thinking about installing a pole barn or a metal roof, turn to the team for the supplies and equipment you need. Visit their website for more information, or call (731) 925-1922 today.

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