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3 Ways Asbestos Exposure Can Harm Your Health December 8, 2017

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3 Ways Asbestos Exposure Can Harm Your Health, Oxoboxo River, Connecticut

During the 19th and 20th centuries, asbestos was commonly used as an insulating and building material. By the 1970s, there were growing concerns that exposure to the fibrous material presented severe respiratory health risks. Although most forms of asbestos are now banned, many older residential and commercial buildings constructed still contain the material. Breathing in airborne fibers can cause a variety of health problems that take time to develop.

3 Common Illnesses Linked to Asbestos Exposure 


As the name suggests, this disease is specifically caused by long-term asbestos exposure. Breathing in the material over an extended period will trap it in the lungs. The disease causes lung scarring, trouble breathing, and persistent discomfort. Since the lung tissue is damaged by this condition, a transplant is the only way to treat it permanently. 

Lung Cancer

asbestos Montville CTAlthough smoking is one of the leading causes of lung cancer, asbestos exposure can also cause malignant cells to form.  Cancer due to asbestos exposure can take decades to develop, which means many people don’t receive a diagnosis until long after they’ve left a job or home that put them at risk. Cigarette use on top of breathing in the harmful fibers increases the likelihood of getting the disease, so smokers are more likely to be affected. 


This form of cancer is often detected in the chest and abdomen. The disease attacks epithelial tissue lining the stomach, heart, and lungs. Symptoms such as persistent coughing, shortness of breath, and becoming winded easily often manifest during the advanced stages of the disease. 


If you are concerned that your home or workplace contains asbestos, the team at Action Asbestos Removal in Montville, CT, will remove all traces of the material. They can identify potential sources of harmful fibers and test them to determine their composition. To schedule an asbestos testing or removal appointment, call (860) 848-2912. Visit the company online to discover how their asbestos removal services will make your property safer and more comfortable. Like them on Facebook for additional tips. 

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