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Omaha Personal Injury Lawyers Offer Crucial Statistics About Auto Accidents November 17, 2017

Omaha, Douglas
Omaha Personal Injury Lawyers Offer Crucial Statistics About Auto Accidents, Omaha, Nebraska

Of all the dangers people face every day, auto accidents are among the most prevalent, accounting for millions of personal injuries and tens of thousands of deaths every year. After all, every time you get behind your wheel, you’re putting your life in the hands of every other driver in the road. Understanding how common these accidents are can help you take appropriate measures and protect yourself when driving on Nebraska’s roads.

Crucial Accident Statistics You Should Know

Increasing Road Safety

According to the Nebraska Department of Transportation, accident rates have been falling continuously for at least ten years, thanks in part to improved auto design and advanced safety features. In 2016, for instance, Nebraska drivers suffered 194 fatal accidents, down from 230 in 2007.

Injuries Are Still Prevalent

personal injuryOver 35% of all accidents in Nebraska result in some type of personal injury, with over 1,000 people seriously hurt every year. The most common injuries include broken bones, lacerations, whiplash, and other soft tissue trauma.

Crashes Are Frequent

The state of Nebraska experienced over 34,000 crashes in 2016, which means one every fifteen minutes. 49 people are injured in auto accidents every day, and someone dies approximately every 40 minutes.

Crashes Occur Everywhere

When you think about auto accidents, you may think first about high-speed crashes on the interstate, but those only account for a small percentage of the total. In fact, almost 65% of the accidents in Nebraska occur on local roads, including rural routes and city streets.

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