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Why Does Tooth Pulp Need to Be Removed During Root Canal Therapy? December 7, 2017

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Why Does Tooth Pulp Need to Be Removed During Root Canal Therapy?, Cold Spring, Kentucky

Root canal therapy can save a tooth that is badly decayed or has become infected. During the treatment, your dentist removes the pulp from the inside of the tooth. Rachel E. Gold, DMD – Total Health Dentistry in Cold Spring, KY, makes this procedure as pain-free as possible for their patients. Here, the dentist explains why the pulp must be removed to save your tooth.

What Is the Pulp?

The pulp is the collection of nerve tissues found inside the pulp chamber of your tooth. In a healthy tooth, these blood vessels, connective tissues, and large nerves branch out and reach down to each of the root canals. When your tooth has severe decay or an infection, the pulp is damaged. This causes bacteria to multiply within the pulp chamber. These bacteria together with decay can cause an infection or abscess.

Why Remove the Pulp?

root canal therapyIf the pulp is damaged or infected, it must be removed to prevent the infection from spreading past the roots of your tooth. Otherwise, this can lead to an abscess of the tooth, which eventually leads to bone loss around the tip of the tooth. A severely infected tooth can only be treated with root canal therapy. The only other alternative is extraction.

An infection of your tooth is serious because it can lead to drainage problems, where drainage occurs from the side of the tooth into the gums or through the cheek. An abscess that’s draining will cause a foul taste in your mouth. If the infection is not treated, the swelling of your gums may spread. If the swelling affects other areas of your face, neck, or head, you must see an emergency dentist right away.

It’s best not to delay root canal therapy to improve your chances of saving the tooth and preventing the infection from spreading. Make an appointment with Rachel E. Gold, DMD – Total Health Dentistry by calling their staff at (859) 441-1230 for an evaluation. Their dental staff always takes the time to explain the procedures to you before they are performed. In addition to treating cavities, Dr. Gold offers dental implants and veneers. Visit the website to learn more about the different services offered.

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