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Top 4 Tips for Handling Hardwood Floor Accidents December 7, 2017

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Top 4 Tips for Handling Hardwood Floor Accidents, Henrietta, New York

Hardwood floors remain atop of the flooring pantheon thanks to their timeless beauty, low maintenance, durability, and hypoallergenic benefits. Even though you take great care of your hardwood, it is still vulnerable to human error and pet accidents. Use these tips to reduce accident damage and, therefore, maintain your beautiful flooring.

Top 4 Easy Tips for Dealing With Hardwood Flooring Accidents

1. Wipe It up Immediately

Wipe up urine, food, oil, and other stains or accidents as soon as you notice them. Pet urine is particularly damaging because it can seep into the floor and create lasting, odorous stains. Put on rubber gloves and use thick paper towels soak up the accident as much as possible. If a food spill has dried, use a putty knife to remove it before cleaning it further. Work with mineral spirits for oil and grease stains.

hardwood2. Keep A Vinegar/Water Mix Handy

Create an effective, non-toxic disinfectant with white vinegar and water. Use ¼ cup of vinegar for every cup of water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the affected area as soon as you clean up the mess to destroy any bacteria and odors. Vinegar is a highly effective, all-purpose cleaner that works on a wide variety of staining agents.

3. Scrub When You Have To

Gently scrub severe stains to maintain the look of your hardwood. Ink stains and pet diarrhea, for example, are best cleaned with No. 2 steel wool and mineral spirits prior to cleaning with your vinegar mixture. Let the mixture stand for a few minutes before wiping it up and applying wax or two coats of urethane—which is best depends on your hardwood flooring finish.

4. Dry the Area Quickly

Dry the affected area as quickly as possible to avoid warping and buckling problems. Use a fan and open a few windows in addition to blotting with paper towels. Turning on the ‘fan’ switch on your air conditioner is another option if you have a working unit available.


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