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What Should You Expect During Your First Chiropractic Appointment? December 7, 2017

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What Should You Expect During Your First Chiropractic Appointment? , Cincinnati, Ohio

Your first chiropractic visit will deal primarily with addressing your medical history and determining a treatment plan that works best for your unique needs. Much like with other medical exams, you will need to complete a brief questionnaire about current medications, previous and existing medical conditions, and lifestyle habits. Then, you will head to the chiropractor’s office for a consultation and examination.

Your First Visit With a Chiropractor

Initial Analysis

You and your chiropractor will start by discussing your medical history and any current issues. If you have specific injuries or areas of concern, now is an excellent time to address them. Often, people visit the chiropractor for a condition like neck pain, fibromyalgia, or migraines.

chiropractorNext, your chiropractor will conduct a brief physical examination. The health care professional will check your heart, lungs, and abdomen, as well as vital signs.

Afterward, you will undergo a routine chiropractic examination. The chiropractor will assess your range of motion, flexibility, muscle tone, reflexes, and strength. If necessary, the chiropractor may address or order diagnostic tests, X-rays, or blood work. Ultimately, they want to pinpoint any underlying issues to help you heal.

Treatment Plan

After the initial examination, the two of you will begin to discuss your treatment plan. The chiropractor may recommend spinal adjustments, strengthening exercises, posture adjustments, or lifestyle and nutritional changes.

In most cases, you will undergo your first adjustment during your appointment. The chiropractor will target areas of your spine and neck to help realign your body. Through controlled, gentle movements, the chiropractor’s actions will relieve tension throughout your body, and will not cause any pain. You can just lie back and relax.

If you’re interested in finding out how a chiropractor can help you, reach out to Fick Chiropractic Centers. With four locations across Cincinnati, OH, their experienced chiropractors help those who cope with a variety of issues attain the health and wellness they deserve. For more information about the chiropractic practice, visit their website. To schedule your first appointment, call (513) 851-8686 today. 

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