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Mindfulness Training to Cope With Family Gatherings This Holiday Season November 19, 2017

Sierra Madre, Upper San Gabriel Valley
Mindfulness Training to Cope With Family Gatherings This Holiday Season , Upper San Gabriel Valley, California

No matter how much you love your family, holiday reunions can create stress and test nearly anyone’s patience. Especially when everyone has issues to deal with, coming together can lead to tension and sometimes even conflict. While you always want to expect the best from these gatherings, there are steps you can take to ensure seamless visits. Mindfulness training can help you become more tolerant, kind, and calm, which allows you to better handle uncomfortable situations.

3 Ways Mindfulness Training Will Empower You 

1. Honesty

Mindfulness training emphasizes being honest with yourself. Rather than suppressing your emotions, allow them to rise to the surface and acknowledge them—before you take them out on anyone else. You should not feel any guilt or self-contempt for accepting that family gatherings can be difficult. However, you still want to attempt to control your feelings for the sake of your well-being and others’.

2. Compassion

mindfulness trainingCompassion can be surprisingly difficult to muster, especially for an individual who has hurt you in some way. However, mindfulness involves striving to practice kindness even in the most challenging situations. This does not mean you have to forgive people for wrongdoings, nor does it imply you have to agree with them. Instead, allow yourself to genuinely want them to be happy and heal. In the face of contentious relationships at the dinner table, try to practice as much compassion as possible. Ultimately, your efforts will benefit you as well as those around you.

3. Mortality

No one likes to think about death. However, the reality is that you have a limited time on the planet, and so does everyone else. To summon perspective during mindfulness training, many people find it beneficial to think about yours and others’ mortality. If you knew that today was the last time you’d ever see your relative, you’d likely handle every situation and interaction with greater care. 


The holidays can be as challenging as they are heartwarming. If you feel sad, lonely, or depressed this season, remember that you are not alone. The caring counselors from Choices Counseling & Skills Center in Sierra Madre, CA, help people like you receive the support necessary to live well and thrive. From mindfulness training to therapy sessions, the staff will help you become your best self this season and beyond. To learn more, call a friendly professional at (626) 470-9834. You may also visit the center online.

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