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3 Reasons to Stay Away From Liquid Drain Cleaners December 6, 2017

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3 Reasons to Stay Away From Liquid Drain Cleaners , Dalton, Georgia

From soap buildup in shower drains to food residue in garbage disposals, there are many ways your home’s pipes can become clogged. Often, people use liquid drain cleaners to dissolve the obstacles, unaware that this quick fix does more harm to septic systems than good. This guide outlines why you should look for alternatives to these products the next time you find a clog.

Why Homeowners Should Avoid Liquid Drain Cleaners 

1. Ingredients Corrode Plumbing Equipment & Fixtures

Using liquid drain cleaners each time you have a clog could eventually lead to complete plumbing system failure. The products usually contain hydrochloric acid, which slowly eats away at pipes, resulting in leaks and additional damage. The liquid also stains and corrodes plumbing fixture enamel, affecting the appearance of sinks and bathtubs. 

2. Liquid Drain Cleaners Contain Toxic Chemicals 

drain cleaners Dalton GAThe products contain harsh chemicals that break down clogs quickly. Although these ingredients are effective in the short term, they can be hazardous to your health. Breathing them in could cause respiratory problems. Direct contact with the liquids can also cause skin, nose, and eye irritation and additional health issues in both humans and pets.  

3. Results Aren’t Always Effective 

Using liquid drain cleaners will resolve the problem temporarily, but they won’t address the underlying cause. A larger problem such as existing pipe damage or a septic tank issue could be to blame for the blockage. Pouring harsh chemicals into the plumbing system might only exacerbate the issue.  


If you’re worried about the effects of liquid drain cleaners, turn to an experienced group of technicians instead. For professional drain cleaning in Dalton, GA, and the neighboring communities, turn to A A & A Drain Cleaning. Their team has the skills and industry experience to remove all types of obstructions from septic equipment and household plumbing lines. To schedule a drain cleaning appointment, call (706) 226-1267 today. Visit the company online to learn more about their residential, commercial, and industrial septic pumping and sewer cleaning solutions. Like them on Facebook for additional information.

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