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Implant Dentist Explains Bone Grafting December 4, 2017

Implant Dentist Explains Bone Grafting, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Unfortunately, most patients in need of dental implants are not good candidates without undergoing a preliminary procedure like bone grafting. Dr. William Thornell, an implant dentist at the Pagosa Dental Implant Center in Pagosa Springs, CO, specializes in this treatment. After undergoing this procedure, he says patients are more likely to see successful results with their dental implants.

But what is bone grafting? Also known as bone regeneration, this procedure uses a natural or artificial material to rebuild the bone and create adequate support for one or more dental implants. Bone loss often occurs following tooth loss, as the tooth roots are no longer there to stimulate growth. Gum disease, changes in sinuses, and infections may also contribute.

To improve the success rate of dental implant procedures, professionals often recommend bone grafting. During the procedure, the implant dentist either uses the patient’s own bone tissue or an artificial substitute. The type and amount of graft material used may depend on the location and number of implants needed.

implant dentistIn addition to the graft material, implant dentists may also use growth stimulants to encourage bone regeneration. Once the graft is in place, it will fuse with the existing tissue. Over a period of six to nine months, new bone tissue will begin to grow in the formerly empty space. During this time, it’s important for patients to follow their dentist’s instructions regarding diet and oral care. Doing so will ensure the success of the procedure and the future dental implants.

Once the healing period is complete, the dentist can proceed with the placement of the dental implants. Although bone grafting does add a significant amount of time to the overall implant procedure, it provides a safeguard from failure later on.

As an implant dentist, Dr. Thornell works closely with his patients to develop individual treatment plans that meet their dental goals and needs. For more information, visit Pagosa Dental Implant Center online. Their team of dental care professionals can address all your oral health needs. If you have questions or want to make an appointment, call their office at (970) 731-8282.

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