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3 Different Types of Landscape Designs to Consider for Your Yard November 28, 2017

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3 Different Types of Landscape Designs to Consider for Your Yard, Clearwater, Minnesota

When creating a new landscape design, it’s important to always consider your personal preferences, as well as the style of your home and family needs. You should first pick a theme – or type – of design that you want, as this will help keep your project on track. It will also maintain a consistent look between your home, yard, and garden.

3 Types of Landscape Designs You Should Consider

1. Woodland

If you prefer not to spend a lot of time on maintenance, this design may be best for you. Because these landscapes are meant to reflect the natural world, they are less manicured than other lawns and, thus, require less work. Instead, your yard would appear similar to a wooded area, as the plants grow in their natural way.

2. Formal

landscape designAs the antithesis of a woodland landscape, the formal style is much more manicured and requires significant maintenance work. Themes of the style include symmetrical patterns, precise shapes, and straight lines. Additionally, plants should be kept pruned and in perfect condition.

3. Southwestern

This style of landscape is popular in arid regions, such as New Mexico and Arizona. However, in recent years, it has spread throughout the country and grown in popularity. Characterized by arid plants and simple hardscaping, this style provides a desert look that can easily transition to other styles, if you later change your mind.


When the time comes to create your landscape design and turn it into a reality, rely on JK Landscape Construction, based in Clearwater, MN. This locally owned and operated business takes your needs and specifications into consideration, designing your landscaping in a style that’s tailored to you. Reach out to a knowledgeable team member by calling (320) 558-4445. You can also follow them on Twitter for news and updates. 

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