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3 Types of Hunting Equipment You Can't Leave Home Without November 22, 2017

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3 Types of Hunting Equipment You Can't Leave Home Without, Garfield, Michigan

Getting ready for a big day of hunting is almost as exciting as the thrill of the event. To prepare, you need to make sure you have all the necessary hunting equipment on hand before you depart. Since you can never be too careful, get out the checklist and mark off a few of the essential supplies. 

Top 3 Hunting Equipment Items You Need

1. Accessories & Basics

While it's doubtful you would leave the house without the necessary weapon-related gear, go over a thorough list of the essentials. This includes everything from your bow or gun to the coinciding arrows, bolts, or cartridges. There are plenty of hunting supply accessories you'll need to consider as well, from binoculars and two-way radios to scent attractant, game calls, and trail-marking tacks. 

2. Clothing Essentials

hunting equipmentCheck the time of year and weather projections before you leave, making sure to pack the right jacket, inner and outer layers, and backup rainwear in case the forecast changes suddenly. As long as your backpack isn't a burden, squeeze a few extra pieces in for last-minute changes.

3. Safety-Focused Treestand Gear

Many accidents happen when the hunter is transitioning to or from a treestand, so it’s vital to have the proper safety equipment. Safety harnesses, custom grips, and gravity-forward climbing sticks ensure no one is injured during a fun day out on the local hunting grounds. 

Beyond the basics, don't forget to check all the rules and regulations for hunting in your designated area. The more time you spend getting ready for an outing, the easier it is to enjoy the trip.


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