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How do you know if you have a virus? November 11, 2017

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How do you know if you have a virus?, Bohemia, New York

First what is a computer virus and what other types of malware(malicious programs) are there. A computer virus is a program that when executed will replicate itself into other programs and modify code. A virus can infect data files and boot sectors of hard drive. Other types of malware include Trojans, spyware,worms and adware. First Trogans are types of viruses that the user initiates by accident, for example someones email might by compromised that you know and they send you a “regular” email or so you think and you open the attachment they sent that looks harmless but actually just executed code on your device. They do not spread however like worms or viruses. Worms are just as they sound it is a type of malware that spreads across the internet sometimes containing other types of malware. Spyware is classified into four type: adware, system monitors, tracking cookies, and Trojans. Therefore some spyware actually does not have malicious intent. A lot of big internet giants such as Facebook, Google and Yahoo all have spyware they use to monitor there users web activity to generate ads into your browser. This type of spyware is known as adware.

Now that we have a little background knowledge on what some of these malware programs are and what they do, how do you know if you have one?

 There are a few different ways to tell. First if your PC or Apple®  computer is running slow, it can be because malware running is the background. Now, if your computer is running slow AND you mysteriously have a new browser you have not heard of you can be infected. If you are experiencing pop ups no matter the site you are on most likely you have adware. If you keep getting redirected on search engines or the page keeps going back to a previous site, most likely you are infected. If your toolbar has a bunch of extensions you do not remember installing, you most likely are infected.

Therefore there can be indicators that your computer is infected and Apple® devices are not safe from everything. The only way to make sure your device is safe is to run a malware scan on your computer with an up to date program. 

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