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A Guide to Whole-Home Oil-to-Gas Conversion Process December 1, 2017

Smith Hill, Providence
A Guide to Whole-Home Oil-to-Gas Conversion Process, Providence, Rhode Island

Making the switch from oil to gas as your home’s primary fuel is a detailed process that warrants professional services. Learning about what oil-to-gas conversion entails can help you determine if this change is right for your home. Read on to get an overview of what goes into opting for gas as your primary domestic fuel.

A Stepwise Guide to the Oil-to-Gas Conversion Process

Hiring a Conversion Specialist

Whole-home oil-to-gas conversion can be a cumbersome process, warranting assistance from a professional in the field. Conduct research to determine the most trusted and highly rated experts in the field. A qualified team of contractors will offer you specialized consultations to make sure your project is successful.

Analyzing the Neighborhood

Oil-to-Gas ConversionBefore converting oil to gas systems, it's important to find out how readily available natural gas is in your area. The conversion service will survey your neighborhood to determine the distance from your address to the nearest gas line. Once they figure out the logistics, they will provide you with a list of estimated costs.

Installing New Equipment

Finding a workable gas line in your area paves the way for the contractors to proceed with the oil-to-gas conversion process. They will connect your home to the city supply and provide foolproof gas heat installation solutions. It's important to complete this step before removing old equipment, so you can count on receiving unhindered heating.

Removing Old Equipment

Once the gas connection is established, it’s time to get rid of the oil-operated equipment and clear the space it’s currently occupying. This warrants safely removing the oil-fired machinery and its peripherals completely. Safety is a major concern when dealing with oil-based appliances, necessitating services from qualified experts.


Consulting the experienced team at Driver's Plumbing & Mechanical can help you get further insights into the whole-home oil-to-gas conversion process. They have served Providence, RI, residents with specialized gas heat installation services since 1991. For further information about the expert solutions they offer, call (401) 272-5851 or visit their website.

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