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4 Tips for Hosting a Large Holiday Dinner Party November 21, 2017

Kailua, Hawaii
4 Tips for Hosting a Large Holiday Dinner Party, Kailua, Hawaii

Throwing a large dinner party during the holidays is a fun way to get together with friends and family to celebrate the season. It helps when you have high-quality kitchen appliances to create stunning dishes for your guests. The experts at Tradewind Hawaii Inc provide custom installations and home appliances to the residents of Kailua Kona, HI. Here, they share how to throw an amazing holiday event.

Kitchen Appliance Retailers Share 4 Tips for Throwing a Large Dinner Party

1. Expect the Unexpected

Additional guests could show up whether they RSVP’d or not. Guests may likely bring friends unless you specifically say not to. Adjust the menu for surprises and make enough food to serve several extra guests.

2. Save Time

Kitchen AppliancesPrepare seasonal foods that can be cooked ahead of time or dishes that don’t need to be made from scratch. Winter soups and briskets will feed a large crowd and can be cooked the night before in the crockpot. Pies can be made with store-bought crusts, which will save on prep, leaving more time for decorating or resting.

3. Clean the Clutter

You don’t have to be a clean-freak, but keep the kitchen, dining space, and adjoining rooms tidy. Clean as you go; don’t let dirty dishes or kitchen appliances pile up and get out of hand. Close the door and turn the lights off in messy rooms where you don’t want guests to enter.

4. Ask for Help

Catering is always an option, but if you’re set on doing most of the cooking yourself, enlist the help of some friends. Ask them to bring their favorite dessert or alcoholic beverages. Additionally, put anyone who shows up early to work by having them set the table or put out food and drinks.

If you have quality kitchen appliances to whip up superb dishes and plan your festivities with care, your holiday party will be a success. Visit the showroom at Tradewind Hawaii Inc, to view their luxury appliances, glassware, and custom cabinets before the big event. Call (808) 329-2310 to speak with a member of the team or contact them online for additional information.

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