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How To Sell Antique & Estate Jewelry November 13, 2017

West Nyack, Rockland County
How To Sell Antique & Estate Jewelry, West Nyack, New York

When it comes time to sell your antique or estate jewelry it is important to understand the entire process so you can have the knowledge to get the most for your precious items. 

imageRemove Emotions

Often times antique & estate jewelry have emotional connections attached because jewelry is passed down through family generations.  Strong emotions can impact what you think a piece of jewelry should be worth but its important to remain an objective point of view.  We recommend removing all emotional connections you have to your jewelry and determine if you are 100% certain you want to sell it.  If so, move onto the next steps below.

Estimate Value

The value of antique jewelry is determined by many factors including rarity of the jewelry, condition, materials used, weight, quality, andimage more.  One of the most common first steps is to determine what materials make up your jewelry.  For example gold, silver, gemstones, diamonds, etc.  Once you have a general idea of the type of materials used gauge the condition of your jewelry.  Its very important not to attempt to clean the antique jewelry until you have had it appraised.  This is because some type of antique jewelry can be damaged by improper cleaning leaving you with lost money on the table.

The precious metals market is always referred to as a “safe investment” because of its stability and constant growth.  That is why so many people invest in gold and silver because unlike the stock market, they hold their value through pretty much all types of global events.

Get An Appraisal

Now that you have committed to selling your jewelry and estimated its value, we highly recommend getting a professional appraisal from your local jewelry dealer.  The reason for this is because many times antique jewelry or estate jewelry that has been passed down through the generations might be very rare and undetectable to the untrained eye. 

If you were to list your item on eBay or sell to a friend you might be missing out on a much larger pay day.  By bringing your jewelry in to experienced jewelry dealers they will be able to conduct a professional evaluation.  Do your proper research when selecting a respected jewelry dealer / buyer so you will never feel pressured to sell on the spot if you are not comfortable.


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