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Kids' Dentist Explains Why Oral Health Is Important for Expectant Mothers November 14, 2017

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Kids' Dentist Explains Why Oral Health Is Important for Expectant Mothers, Anchorage, Alaska

You already know how important it is to take care of your body and see your physician regularly while pregnant, but maintaining your dental health is also essential for those who are expecting. Pregnancy can affect teeth and gums in surprising ways, but seeing your dentist now will prevent serious problems later. Besides, once your baby arrives, the last thing you’ll want to deal with is dental pain. Here, Anchorage’s top kids' dentist, Alaska Dentistry for Kids, provides some essential guidance for pregnant women.

A Guide to Oral Health During Pregnancy

How Does Pregnancy Affect Oral Health?

kids' dentistHormonal shifts during pregnancy have profound effects on the body as well as the mouth. Changes to the way your body responds to bacteria make cavities and gum infections more likely. Hormones can also cause your gums and teeth to become sensitive and swollen, leading to pain and discomfort. Pregnancy gingivitis is a common condition and must be treated by a dentist.

What Steps Should Expectant Mothers Take to Protect Their Teeth & Gums? 

Maintain diligent brushing and flossing habits while you’re pregnant, and keep up with scheduled cleanings and dental checkups. All cavities should be treated to avoid the risk of infection and more serious procedures later on. Avoid too many sugary snacks and carbohydrates to minimize the risk of tooth decay. If you’re experiencing gum swelling, bleeding, or another pregnancy-related oral problem, talk to your dentist about possible treatments.

What Care Do New Mothers Need After Giving Birth?

If you avoided the dentist while pregnant, make an appointment as soon as possible after your baby arrives. Now is also a good time to begin the search for a great kids’ dentist. Your child should visit a dental professional by the time their first tooth erupts. If you experience latching issues, a children’s dentist can diagnose and treat a tongue tie.

Don’t neglect your oral health while pregnant. Healthy teeth and gums will allow you to enjoy your pregnancy and be the best mother you can be. When it’s time for your little one to have their first checkup, turn to Alaska Dentistry for Kids. Their friendly, compassionate kids’ dentists use state-of-the-art techniques to provide comprehensive dental care. To learn more about their practice, call the office at (907) 274-2525 or visit them online.

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