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Computer Repair Experts Explain 3 Types of Malware You Should Know November 21, 2017

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Computer Repair Experts Explain 3 Types of Malware You Should Know, Brighton, New York

Malware refers to any computer program, code, or software that’s intended to harm a computer. As explained by the computer repair experts at Microworx in Rochester, NY, many people experience these malicious programs and may become victims of information and identity theft. It’s essential to understand malware and receive professional computer services to protect your device. Here, these experts highlight the most common types of malware.

Computer Repair Professionals Share 3 Types of Malware

1. Virus

A computer virus behaves like a virus in humans—it automatically copies itself and spreads from file to file. When these infected files are shared between computers, the virus then spreads to new devices. These codes typically destroy files in computers, though the amount of damage varies. To protect your device, install anti-virus software and don’t open executable files from unknown sources.

2. Worm

computer repairWorms are similar to viruses in that they replicate and infect multiple files. They often gain access to a computer through email and are intended to destroy an entire network. Some worms may be designed to create a larger vulnerability and open a backdoor for other types of malware. For these, you need a reliable firewall program to stay protected.

3. Trojan

A trojan is often disguised as harmless software that lures a user into installing a program on their computer. These programs are not self-replicating and will only spread if the user sends the file to another computer. A hacker may use this type of malware to steal personal and financial information, as it allows them to remotely control your device.

For maximum protection from such malware, reach out to Microworx in Rochester. These computer repair experts understand the necessity of electronics in your daily life and will protect you from all types of malware. If your device becomes infected, they offer computer virus removal. To learn more about their services call (585) 271-0050. Follow them on Twitter to learn more. 

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