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Don’t Let Leaky Plumbing Pipes Ruin Your Building Inspection December 6, 2017

Kuliouou - Kalani Iki, Honolulu
Don’t Let Leaky Plumbing Pipes Ruin Your Building Inspection, Honolulu, Hawaii

To pass a building inspection, your property must pass a stringent checklist that includes the plumbing system. Leaking or otherwise faulty pipes can easily set a construction project or homebuying process back weeks, or even months. This is why it’s important to check your system ahead of your building inspection to determine whether everything is in accordance with local safety codes and regulations. If pipes go without scrutiny for too long, they can eventually present a health risk for occupants.

building inspectionThe lifespan of your plumbing system is dependent on what material your pipes are made from. If you’re unsure of your pipes’ makeup, consult a plumber or review your property’s last inspection report.

Hawaii’s tropical climate makes galvanized pipes a recurring issue for many homes. This building material surged in popularity years ago thanks to its alleged resistance to corrosion and rust, which were common issues for home and business owners in Hawaii. However, these pipes began to corrode and rust over time, which presented a problem for water supply lines. Galvanized pipes should be replaced, especially before they begin presenting any issues. If left untreated, occupants could unintentionally ingest harmful contaminants.

Damaged pipes can also result in pricey water damage down the road. This often happens when pipes such as those made of galvanized steel begin to rust through. Inspect and protect the piping in your building.


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