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When Should You Consult a Psychologist? November 15, 2017

Tylersville, West Chester
When Should You Consult a Psychologist?  , West Chester, Ohio

When it comes to seeking out professional care for mental health, the signs aren’t always clear. Teri Role-Warren PhD, LLC, providing comprehensive therapy in West Chester, OH, knows that it’s difficult to take the first step towards healing. To help, she highlights three common scenarios when someone should talk to a qualified psychologist.

3 Reasons to Talk to a Psychologist

1. Mental Health Impacts Daily Life

Whether you’re nervous about a presentation at work or depressed about a recent breakup, heightened emotions may occur. But sometimes, these feelings happen for no clear reason—and may not dissipate for days on end. If you’re experiencing constant mood swings or feeling chronically depressed, anxious, or stressed, you may benefit from treatment. While long-term symptoms should always be addressed, seek out help from a psychologist if these concerns are impacting work, relationships, or physical health.

2. You’re Adjusting to New Circumstances

psychologistWhile psychologists are qualified to treat patients with specific mental health conditions, individual therapy is also beneficial to those going through major life changes. For example, divorce, death, job loss, and physical illness are all incidents that leave people feeling hopeless, depressed, and nervous. Therapy provides a safe space to explore changing circumstances and understand how to cope with trauma in a healthy, productive fashion.

3. You’re Thinking About Harming Yourself

It’s critical to speak to a mental health professional if you think about self-harm or suicide. For example, many find that seeking help for eating disorders or addiction in a confidential environment is the first step to recovery. People experiencing suicidal thoughts may also discover that they’re having these feelings as a result of a specific condition—such as bipolar depression—that is treated with a combination of therapy and medication.

Although deciding to begin therapy with a psychologist is a big step, it will move you in the right direction. If you’re searching for a comfortable, compassionate approach, contact Teri Role-Warren PhD, LLC in West Chester. As an experienced mental health counselor, she will put you on the path toward healing. Learn more about her expertise online or call (513) 779-9298 to schedule a consultation.

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