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3 Aspects of Funeral Planning to Research Beforehand November 14, 2017

Jamaica, Queens
3 Aspects of Funeral Planning to Research Beforehand, Queens, New York

After the passing of a loved one, you may only have a few days to make the necessary funeral planning decisions. But there are some aspects of funeral planning which take longer to research properly — and by rushing, you may end up with arrangements which don’t suit your family. Ideally, you and your loved one should research these aspects of the process first and make decisions ahead of time.

3 Factors to Research for Early Funeral Planning

1. Burial vs. Cremation

In many cases, strong family or religious traditions may make this a foregone conclusion. But if those factors are absent, there are reasons to consider both options. Cremation is financially less burdensome and allows greater flexibility in both the schedule and the final disposition of the remains, while burial conforms to traditional ideas and can help provide closure through familiar rituals.

2. Choosing a Funeral Home

Funeral PlanningWherever possible, you should know what funeral home you’ll be using ahead of time. In some cases, your loved one may already have paid for a funeral plan or have a preference for other reasons. Otherwise, you should look into the services offered, the convenience of the locations, and the relative costs between providers in your area.

3. Setting a Budget

Simple, basic funeral arrangements can be very affordable, while elaborate services may cost thousands of dollars. Everything from burial sites and caskets to flowers and memorial services add to the bill. While it’s important to honor your loved one, it’s also important to do so in a way which is financially feasible. Look into your finances and set an upper limit on your funeral budget before you make any other decisions about funeral planning.

If you create a solid plan for these central details, the rest of the funeral planning process will be easier. Start your research ahead of time if possible to give yourself a solid foundation. Even if time is short, you should make some time and space to consider these options carefully before final decisions are made.


At this difficult time in your life, Crowe’s Funeral Homes is there to help. Serving Queens and Jamaica, NY, they reaffirm the importance of family and will help you through the funeral planning process to create a suitable tribute to the life of your loved one. For questions and support, call them at (718) 558-0921 or send a message from their website.

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