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3 Breakfast Options First-Time Eggs 'n Things Diners Need to Try November 14, 2017

3 Breakfast Options First-Time Eggs 'n Things Diners Need to Try, Honolulu, Hawaii

Whether you are in Honolulu, HI, on vacation or are a permanent resident, knowing the best place to go for breakfast is an excellent way to get your day started. Fortunately, this area is home to Eggs ‘n Things and its highly praised menu full of traditional and unique breakfast options. If you’ve never been to this popular establishment, below are a few tasty dishes to try.

A New Visitors’ Guide to Breakfast at Eggs ‘n Things

1. Eggs Benedict Florentine

A solid introduction for those looking to keep their morning meal light is the eggs Benedict Florentine. In addition to two poached, Island-fresh eggs, you will also get two Hawaiian muffins topped with sauteed mushrooms and spinach and your choice of steamed rice, home-fried potatoes, or three buttermilk pancakes. 

2. Macadamia Nut Pancakes

breakfastCustomers rave about Eggs ‘n Things’ macadamia nut pancakes. The fluffy base is perfectly complemented by the creamy, slightly sweet flavors of the nuts. Pair with a drizzle of coconut syrup to take it to the next level. 

3. Spam & Green Onion Omelet

Have you ever eaten an omelet that felt like biting into a cloud? Well that’s exactly what you can expect when you order one from Eggs ‘n Things. All of their omelets, including the fan favorite spam and green onion, are made with three island-fresh eggs. However, if these particular flavors are not up your alley, they have many others for you to try, including the mushroom and spinach and island Portuguese sausage.

If reading about these items makes your mouth water, don’t wait another second to visit one of Eggs ‘n Things’ Honolulu locations. View their menu online or like them on Facebook for more information about their breakfast fare. Or, give them a call today at (808) 538-3447.

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