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3 Ways Your Plumber Can Help You to Winterize Your Pipes November 17, 2017

Plantation, Lexington-Fayette Southwest
3 Ways Your Plumber Can Help You to Winterize Your Pipes, Lexington-Fayette Southwest, Kentucky

When the temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to take precautions to protect your home infrastructure. By enlisting a top plumber like Pro-Fetick Plumbing of Lexington, KY, to insulate your pipes, you can prevent them from freezing during the winter. A frozen pipe can easily burst, allowing water to stream outward and potentially cause severe damage to your house, so you should make it a priority to defend them from the cold. 

Here are three ways your plumber will help you winterize your pipes: 

  • Address the Crawl Space: As a major area that links your plumbing to the outdoors, the crawl space can become extremely cold during wintertime. To shield your vulnerable pipes from the cold, have your plumber install cardboard or cork along the vents. They can also install extra insulation in the walls of your crawl space. When it gets warmer again, you can remove the barrier on your own or call experts if it’s difficult to access. 
  • Insulate the Pipes: Your plumber will any insulate pipes where heat will not reach them. They may also add heat tape, insulation sleeves, wrapping or slip-on foam pipe insulation as an additional protective measure. Many homeowners don’t know where all their house pipes are or how to access them, so it’s helpful to rely on an expert. 
  • plumberPatch the Exterior: Any hole in your home infrastructure is another way for cold air to enter your home and freeze the pipes. Scan your outside walls for any cracks or holes, making a list as you go. Then reach out to your plumber so they can fill in these blemishes with caulk or other methods. 

To protect your pipes this winter, don’t hesitate to reach out to Pro-Fetick Plumbing. Available for everything from preventative residential plumbing to general repair, the professionals are available at all times to help you with your needs. To speak to a friendly staff member, just dial (859) 263-5727. Learn more about the plumbers and their services by visiting their website

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