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Why Homes for Sale Fare Well in the Fall & Tips for Seasonal Staging November 14, 2017

Marine Park, Brooklyn
Why Homes for Sale Fare Well in the Fall & Tips for Seasonal Staging, Brooklyn, New York

Although spring is the most popular time to sell your house, the fall season offers many advantages to sellers. Homes for sale during these months typically see as much if not more success than those sold any other time of the year. The Realtors® at Tracey Real Estate in Brooklyn, NY, explain why autumn is such a ripe and underestimated period, and how you can increase the perceived value of your abode.

Advantages of Selling Your House During Autumn

With fewer homes for sale in the fall, there is less competition, landing your house at the top of a prospective buyer’s list of contenders. Less options on the market also mean a quicker selling process. Closing agents, title companies, and appraisers see less business during this season. As such, you can expect a faster turnaround on these services. Moreover, you’ll enjoy more personalized attention from your real estate agent. The low inventory allows your Realtor to devote a bigger budget and time to your listing.

Tips for Staging Your Home in the Fall

Homes For SaleDevote extra attention to making your home shine for prospective buyers. Staging plays a vital role in making the sale. First, mow the grass, trim the bushes, and rake the leaves. Take advantage of the vibrant foliage to bring a feeling of warmth to your yard and front porch. Add a few decorative, seasonal items for a touch of charm.

Inside, make the space inviting by highlighting the fireplace, or any centerpiece. Put out some candles on the shelves and end tables. Also, keep the temperature comfortable in the house. The goal is to make your interior cozy in every way.

If you’re ready to put your place on the market, don’t be deterred by the timing. There are many reasons why the offseason is an ideal time to list your home for sale; with the right approach, it can still sell at top dollar. The team at Tracey Real Estate will help you evaluate the current market value and provide invaluable insight throughout the entire process. Call (718) 376-4994 to schedule an appointment, or visit them online to learn about their agents.

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