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Gales Ferry Home Improvement Experts Share 3 Tips for Choosing Front Doors November 14, 2017

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Gales Ferry Home Improvement Experts Share 3 Tips for Choosing Front Doors, Gales Ferry, Connecticut

When it comes to making a creative statement with your home, the right front door can do wonders. The choices are endless, but, by following a few, helpful tips, selecting one doesn't have to be daunting. The team at Premo & Son's Home Improvement in Gales Ferry, CT, always take the time to help clients choose a beautiful and durable door to complement their home's aesthetic. Here, the home improvement experts share some suggestions on selecting the right front door.

3 Tips for Front Door Selection

Style Choice

Take a long look at your home's exterior. Depending on the style, consider a front door that aims to complement the house's overall design. Whether it's crystal clear glass or wood panels, there are many style choices that will pair up nicely. If you're unsure, an experienced home improvement specialist will gladly show you door options.


door installersSelecting the right material for your front door depends on several factors. The ability to stand up against the outside elements likely ranks high on the list. Besides durability, consider how frequent the door will need to be maintained to keep its appearance visually pleasing. Materials will typically be paneled fiberglass, steel, or wood, as well as panes of beveled and textured glass. Decide how high periodic staining, repainting, or glass replacement ranks when it comes to choosing your front door.


Among some of the factors that might determine price is door style, finishes, hardware choices, and weather-protection features. Other additions include insulation and energy-efficient add-ons. As you make your selection, get a written quote on how much your front door will cost. The quote should also provide the installation cost and any warranty information.

Maintain the warm and inviting feel of your home with an eye-appealing front door. The design team at Premo & Son's Home Improvement is your trusted source for an extensive inventory of styles and expert installation. To get started, call (860) 770-2331 today for a friendly consultation. Visit their website for more information on other home improvement services.

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