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5 Terrific Advantages of Installing a Wood-Burning Stove December 1, 2017

Granville, Licking
5 Terrific Advantages of Installing a Wood-Burning Stove , Granville, Ohio

A wood-burning stove can add a touch of rustic appeal to a room. However, it’s not only charming but practical. Fackler Kubota Tractor in Granville, OH, has been providing affordable, high-quality services and products — including wood-burning stoves — for over 100 years and shares reasons to install one. 

5 Benefits of Having a Wood-Burning Stove 

1. Cheap Fuel 

Wood is less expensive than electricity, oil, or gas. Precut timber usually costs a couple hundred dollars per cord, including delivery. You can save even more by cutting firewood yourself. Since wood burns slowly, you won’t have to buy or chop more very often. 

2. Eco-Friendliness 

Burning wood is carbon-neutral and doesn’t produce carbon dioxide, unlike fossil fuels. Wood also is a renewable material. Using a wood-burning stove means you will consume fewer natural resources and limit your home’s production of greenhouse gases. 

3. Reliability 

Wood-burning stoveA wood stove will keep you warm during power outages that prevent you from using your furnace. If a winter storm knocks out your electricity, you still will have a reliable heat source. 

4. Enhanced Comfort 

Wood stoves, like fireplaces, create a cozy and comforting environment. They won’t make your house feel dry and stuffy the way forced-air heaters often do. Wood-burning stoves emit natural, radiant heat. 

5. Efficiency 

Furnaces aren’t always efficient, particularly if there’s no way to control the temperature in individual rooms. A stove can warm spaces ranging in size from 400–3,000 square feet. Some come with built-in fans that circulate warmth throughout a room or even several so you can run your furnace less. 

Make this winter your best yet with a cozy and cost-saving wood-burning stove. If you’re in the Licking County area, stop by Fackler Kubota Tractor in Granville, OH, to check out their inventory of affordable and high-quality items. In addition to stoves, they carry generators and outdoor power equipment. They also provide excellent service and reliable repairs. Visit their website to learn more about their products and call (740) 522-3128 to speak with a member of their team. 

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