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Explaining the Purpose of a Sports Physical & What to Expect November 10, 2017

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Explaining the Purpose of a Sports Physical & What to Expect , Sweden, New York

As a parent of a student-athlete, you must ensure your child is prepared to participate in their sport. While annual trips to a pediatric doctor are a good start, many schools and programs make sports physicals mandatory at the beginning of each new season. These are designed to take a comprehensive look at the athlete’s current well-being and determine if they can safely perform. 

sports physicalFirst, a pediatrician will ask a series of questions to get a more well-rounded idea of an athlete’s physical standing and lifestyle habits. This includes past injuries, medications or surgeries, as well as current illnesses or injuries.  

Next, they’ll test for problems that may interfere with the student’s ability to perform athletically in a healthy, productive way. While afflictions like asthma, diabetes, allergies, and vision problems will be taken seriously, they can most often be remedied without disrupting the patient’s ability to play. 

Physical statistics will also be gauged, such as your child’s height, weight, and blood pressure. Vision, hearing, lung capacity, and flexibility will also be monitored to verify everything is strong enough to withstand the physical toll that sports require. After, a pediatrician will sign off on an athlete’s bill of health. If problems were found, they’ll either recommend a treatment, like physical therapy or chiropractic adjustments, offer an immunization if needed or suggest the student withdraws from a sport. 


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