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3 Ways a New Garage Door Transforms Your Home November 14, 2017

Kailua, Hawaii
3 Ways a New Garage Door Transforms Your Home, Kailua, Hawaii

When you’re ready to update the outside of the house, you may think of a fresh paint color or quality windows. But how about a new garage door? The team at Tradewind Hawaii Inc in Kailua Kona knows all about garage doors and the impact they have on a home’s appearance. Below, they share a short list of ways a garage door dramatically changes the look of a house.

3 Ways a New Garage Door Transforms the Home

1. Contrasts the Front of the Home

Don’t install a bland, cookie-cutter door that blends into the background. Choosing one that contrasts with your home’s colors is a striking way to beautify the appearance of the property. Garage doors are a perfect way to bring warmth and richness to a house.

2. Restores the Original Style

garage doorsMaybe your older home was updated with a garage door that isn’t the same architectural style as the house. Now’s the time to correct that and harmonize the garage door with the home’s original charm. There are a number of period garage doors available on the market—and custom options as well if you can’t find a perfect match.  

3. Enhances the Home’s Look

Garage doors have come a long way from the days of being purely functional. Now, they’ve become the focal point of many homes. There are countless accessories from which to choose as well. From embellished metal handles to decorative hardware, there’s something for every preference and style.

Need an updated garage door for your home? Tradewind Hawaii Inc will help. Their team offers installations, repairs, and custom garage doors. They also have an excellent selection of BBQs and appliances. Call them today at (808) 329-2310 or visit their website.

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