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Hunting Gear Specialists Answer FAQs About the Activity in Michigan November 16, 2017

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Hunting Gear Specialists Answer FAQs About the Activity in Michigan, Garfield, Michigan

Hunting is a popular activity throughout the country, but requirements vary by state. To comply with the rules and stay safe, you need the right information and hunting gear. If you’re planning to break out your tree stand and camouflage apparel this fall in Michigan, familiarize yourself with responses to frequently asked questions about the state's requirements.  

Hunting Gear Pros Answer FAQs About the Practice in Michigan

1. Do I Need a Base License?

Michigan offers a base license for hunting small game. The revenue from this permit funds habitat and conversation work. You must have a base license to hunt big game, but it’s not required to get a fishing license.

2. Must I Take a Hunter’s Education Course?

Hunting gearAnyone born after 1960 must complete a hunter’s education course before they get a hunting license. It provides instruction on hunting gear, safety requirements, and essential practices so you will act responsibly regarding wildlife and conservation efforts.

3. Can I Buy Buck Licenses Separately?

You can’t purchase deer licenses at separate times, but you can buy a combo license. If you take two antlered deer, you must meet the antler point restrictions for both licenses. For example, one deer must have at least four points on one side.

4. What Are the Youth Licensing Requirements?

Children 10–16 years old must have a junior base license to hunt. A junior antlerless deer license also is available from July 15–Aug. 15. You can buy an apprentice license for anyone age 10 or older who has not received a hunter safety certification, but it’s valid for only two years and a parent or guardian must accompany the youngster during that time.


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