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4 Steps to Designing a Beautiful Engagement Ring November 10, 2017

South Nyack, Rockland County
4 Steps to Designing a Beautiful Engagement Ring, South Nyack, New York

Finding the love of your life is often celebrated with a stunning engagement ring to propose marriage. This piece of jewelry will be worn every day for years to come. As a focal point of daily life, many couples choose to design an engagement ring to reflect individual style and act as a marker of a unique partnership. After deciding you’d like to take design into your own hands, a custom jewelry expert like Somos Designer Jewelry Gallery in Nyack, NY, is the perfect resource. With a team of passionate jewelry professionals on board, they’ll be able to walk you through the design process until you’re completely satisfied with the ring. 

Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

1. Find the Perfect Vendor

You want to work with an honest, experienced jewelry professional who ethically sources their gems and values craftsmanship. Research custom jewelry stores in your area and find an option that’s known for top-notch customer service, fair prices, and stunning heirloom pieces. If you’re in the Nyack area, Somos Designer Jewelry Gallery is a perfect first stop.  

2. Choose the Center Gem First

Engagement RingOnce you’ve selected a jeweler to help with designing the ring, the next step will be choosing the center gem. A design associate will walk you through cut options and gemstones. To select the best stone, you’ll review the carat, clarity, and color. If you already have a gem that’s been passed down to you, this can be incorporated if you prefer. 

3. Design Your Setting

After you’ve chosen the centerpiece, you can really show off your personality by designing the setting. While one of the most popular settings—solitaire—is a simple band that showcases the diamond or other gemstone, there are a myriad of options to choose from. Whether you want smaller diamonds adorning the entire band or a trio of stones set against a braided metal band, there’s an option for everyone. 

4. Pick a Metal

The final part of the design process is deciding on the metal you’d like the band to be forged from. While platinum, silver, and yellow gold are most popular due to their classic beauty, you can also choose other metals like titanium, rose gold, or zirconium depending on budget and aesthetic preferences. 

A custom engagement ring is as unique as your relationship. To start the process of designing your engagement ring, call Somos Designer Jewelry Gallery today at (845) 348-0800 to set up an appointment. Visit their website to see custom jewelry crafted by these Nyack, NY-based jewelers in the past.

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