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4 Signs of a Rodent Infestation November 9, 2017

Dothan, Houston
4 Signs of a Rodent Infestation, Dothan, Alabama

The thought of mice or rats living inside a house can make even the calmest homeowners a little squeamish. Beyond the fear factor, these pesky critters can quickly wreak havoc on your property and spread disease or bacteria as they wander. The good news is rodent infestations can be tackled quickly and efficiently by an expert exterminator. Here are a few signs indicating it’s time to call in a professional for rodent control. 

Signs You Need an Exterminator

1. Droppings

Keep your eyes peeled for tiny brown or dark gray pellets in your kitchen or next to food sources. Newer rodent droppings are relatively moist whereas aged pieces turn gray and crumble when touched. Rats and mice tend to leave evidence by food sources and where they nest. 

2. Lively Pets

exterminatorRodents emit a distinct odor that drives cats and dogs crazy. Is your family pet pawing at cabinets and itching to get into the cupboards or basement? If so, their hunter instincts may have kicked into gear due to unwelcome rodents. 

3. Runways

Mice and rats are creatures of habit. When living within your walls, you’ll start to see runways that go from their nests to a food source. These runways will be devoid of dust and may include other signs like urine, droppings, or smudge marks. When suspicion arises, exterminators recommend sprinkling baby powder on a potential path to confirm it’s commonly traveled. 

4. Signs of Gnawing

Have you noticed gnaw marks on food packages or parts of your home? This is a tell-tale sign rodents are residing nearby. In addition to scavenging for treats that are easily accessible, they will tear into packages or gnaw on wood as an alternative food source.


If you see any of the above signs in your Dothan, AL, home, call Tabor Pest Control at (334) 793-7471. These exterminators serve Dale, Houston, and Henry counties with a variety of services, including ant, termite, and roach control. Visit their website for more information. 

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