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Common Causes of Lumbar Sacral Pain November 8, 2017

Fishersville, Augusta
Common Causes of Lumbar Sacral Pain, Fishersville, Virginia

Your lumbar spine encompasses your lower back, specifically the area where the spine curves inward toward your front. Starting about six inches below the shoulder blades, where the thoracic spine ends, it extends down toward the sacral spine at the tailbone. This is a common area to develop discomfort for a variety of reasons.

Read on to find out what can lead to lumbar sacral pain:

  • Disc Issues: Between each of the lumbar spine’s vertebrae, there is a spongy disc—a sort of “shock absorber.” If these get worn out, you may experience pain in the disc space between vertebrae. Another disc issue, lumbar disc herniation, occurs when such a disc’s spongy, jelly-like interior pushes through a tear in its tougher exterior.
  • Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction: The point where the sacral and lumbar spines meet is the lumbosacral joint. Problems with the joint, from instability to so-called fixation—in which its movement is limited—can cause lumbar sacral pain.
  • lumbar sacral painOsteoarthritis: Wear and tear, and the simple process of aging, can lead to arthritis, including in the lower back. This condition occurs when the protective cartilage covering the joints in the back of the spine become worn. This results in excess friction that can produce painful swelling, tenderness, and nerve pressure, while limiting your range of motion.
  • Spondylolisthesis: In a healthy spine, the vertebrae are stacked on top of one another in a precise manner. If one of these slips forward over the one below it, spondylolisthesis is the result. This can compress a nerve root and cause pain.
  • Muscular Problems: A strained muscle or similar issue is one of the most common causes of lower back pain. Muscular issues usually heal themselves in a couple of weeks. Adequate rest is needed in the meantime. If the issue persists, seek a chiropractor’s help—a more serious issue may be to blame. These professionals can also address the issues described above.


If you need a chiropractor in Virginia, enlist the services of Augusta/Waynesboro Chiropractic Center. They have been helping members of the community overcome everything from lower back to lumbar sacral pain for more than 30 years. They are known for their attentive, compassionate care, which makes patients feel at ease. You can get an overview of their offerings online. For an appointment, call (540) 943-1434 today.

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