South Salt Creek, Nebraska

Concrete Experts Explain Steps Involved in Building a Home November 20, 2017

South Salt Creek, Lincoln
Concrete Experts Explain Steps Involved in Building a Home, Lincoln, Nebraska

Plenty of steps are required to build a home, but a few stand above the rest, setting the tone for the quality of the entire structure. Stephens & Smith Construction Company, a trusted team of concrete experts in South Salt Creek, NE, is equipped to explain the most important parts of the home-building process.

Here, they discuss the primary aspects of home construction:

  • concreteFoundation: Arguably, the most important part of building a house is setting the foundation. After excavators are finished digging, contractors use concrete and steel to assemble a foundation that provides insulation, adapts to soil changes, and serves as the bulwark for the entire home. The foundation must be strong enough to withstand immense pressure and last a lifetime, but also flexible enough to adapt to the shifting earth underneath.
  • Framing: It's useful to think of a frame as the skeleton of a house. Framing describes the beams and stud boards underneath everything else, including drywall, siding, and flooring. If the framing is installed well, there's no isolating the problem. Today’s common frame materials include tall studs made out of engineered lumber, which are evenly spaced around the outline of a home. 
  • Roofing: Once the foundation and framing are finished, the next most important step in the home construction process is roofing. Material options are plentiful here, from asphalt and slate to metal and tile. When choosing a roofing material, most contractors and their clients compare cost against the potential length of each material’s service life. 

Stephens & Smith Construction Company has been Nebraska's finest concrete service provider for 45 years. Their range of expertise includes concrete foundation, floor coatings, and decorative work, including stamped concrete for patios. Visit the team's website to browse a photo gallery of their impressive work, or call them directly at (402) 475-8087. 

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