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How Transportation Services Make Family Vacations Better November 14, 2017

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How Transportation Services Make Family Vacations Better, Honolulu, Hawaii

The holiday season brings food, festivities, and opportunities to travel with family—and hiring a professional transportation service will make your next trip easier. Research shows that travel activities increase considerably around Thanksgiving and the period between Christmas and New Year’s. This influx of people can make roads and airports crowded and holiday trips stressful. Fortunately, arranging for an airport transfer will simplify your holiday vacation.

If you’re planning a trip this fall or winter, consider these benefits of letting an expert do the driving:

  • Drivers Are Familiar With Local Roads: How many times have you gotten lost in an unfamiliar city? Trying to get your bearings or pull over to consult a map takes time and can make a vacation start to feel stressful. Since transportation services hire local drivers, they know which routes to take to avoid traffic and get you to your destination quickly. Put away your GPS and enjoy the ride—the driver may even point out local landmarks to visit during your trip!
  • transportation-services-honolulu-hiFewer Cars Leads to Less Stress: Holiday traffic is a common occurrence this time of year, both on the nation’s highways and en route to the airport. Investing in a transportation service helps cut down on the number of cars on the road. Not only can you enjoy a more relaxing ride while someone else drives, but you might even experience less congestion.
  • Charter Vehicles Can Transport Multiple People: When large families travel together, coordinating arrival times and seating in vehicles can be difficult. Transportation services offer spacious vehicles with plenty of room for seating and storage, so everyone can stay together during a family holiday. Whether you need a sprinter or a luxury bus, there’s a vehicle that will meet your group’s needs.


If your family is traveling to Oahu this winter, let AM Tours Hawaii help you explore the island. This transportation service has been in operation since 1990, educating visitors on the island’s traditions and natural wonders. Whether you need a comfortable sedan to pick you up at the airport or a luxury bus to transport a group of extended relatives, the company’s drivers will take your vacation to the next level. Learn more about their group tour and airport transfer services online or by calling (808) 845-5050.

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