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Why You Need to Replace Your Thermostat Batteries Today November 6, 2017

Moodus, Middlesex
Why You Need to Replace Your Thermostat Batteries Today, Moodus, Connecticut

Winter is around the corner, so it’s time to get your thermostat ready. If you haven’t replaced your thermostat batteries, your AC and heating system may not function as it should. The HVAC experts at Dutch Oil Co., are the first choice in heating oil delivery for the residents of Moodus, CT. Here, they explain why you should update the batteries in your thermostat.

AC & Heating Company Shares Reminder to Maintain Your Thermostat

Why Is It Important to Replace the Batteries?

AC and heatingLow or no battery function is a common cause of heating and cooling system malfunctions. If the thermostat can’t control the HVAC system, your rooms won’t receive heat. Programmable or digital devices need batteries to operate, and systems controlled by remotes need power sources as well.

Before calling your AC and heating service technician, change the batteries to determine if you have a maintenance problem that requires professional assistance. Avoid the hassle and swap out the batteries to enjoy the cold outside weather from the warmth of your home.

Why Replace the Batteries if the Heater Still Works?

The thermostat typically provides a warning signal one or two months before the batteries are ready to die. Some thermostats give a flashing light, a beep, or other external cues. If you wait until the batteries stop working, your heating system will also shut down. Check your manufacturers manual to learn how the system operates.

Changing the batteries in your thermostat is an easy way to ensure the continued performance of your HVAC system. Contact the experts at Dutch Oil Co. to discuss any questions or concerns. They are a trusted heating oil delivery company in Middlesex County, CT, and can handle all your AC and heating maintenance and repairs. Call (860) 873-3876 to speak with a member of their team or visit their website for additional information about their products and services.

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